The DDCo Team

Looking for Smart Property Management?

David Deutscher, PresidentGraham Deutscher, Vice President If you find it difficult to increase the value of your asset or generate more property income, you are not alone.

We make sure our clients benefit from our understanding of the marketplace so that your property rental rates are in line with market demands. We also keep on top of new laws and regulations, so that you can avoid legal problems.

Finally, we show our clients how to utilize their property for its highest and best use. That paired with our ability to reduce your services costs, translates into bottom line results for our clients.

Tired of worrying about your property investment?

Managing your commercial property can be a daunting task, especially if you would rather focus on other business or leisure interest.

At DDCO., we give you confidence to pursue your other interests, while we pay careful attention to managing and improving your long term property value. Best of all, the management fees are often covered by the improved revenue and cost savings through our bulk purchasing discounts and attention to cost control.

Flexible Services:
Overseeing the work of service companies, arranging repairs, buying supplies and hiring the appropriate professionals is key to controlling your costs and improving the value of you property. We offer s selection of services that will save you time and optimize your property management experience.

  • Locate and select tenants
  • Negotiate lease agreements and renewals
  • Bill and collect rents and common area expenses
  • Arrange property insurance
  • Communicate with tenants
  • Hire and supervise site staff, if needed
  • Plan remodels, obtain permits, contract for renovations, and tenant improvements
  • Oversee owner approved renovations and upgrades
  • 24-hour-a-day availability for emergencies or urgent problem solving
  • Provide detailed monthly accounting statements to the owner
  • Report and review necessary capital repairs with owner
  • Disburse funds as directed


"We weren't getting the market value for our property, and after years of agony, we turned the management over to DDCO. It was all taken out of our hands; the property is maintained beautifully; and someone else does my worrying for me."
        — Lucille Fleming, Property Owner

"I just didn't want all the hassles...dealing with the repairs and the tenants. I wanted to play and relax. In the past five years, I would estimate my three properties have increased 30 percent in value, since David (DDCO) took over."
        — Glade Gaffney, Retired

DDCo Staff Contact Information:

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  Violeta Maddox, Accountant
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  Graham Deutscher, Vice President/Broker
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  Mickey Morris, Property Manager/Agent
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