Asset Management

What is More Valuable, the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs or the Golden Eggs?

This, of course, is the basis of "Asset Management." The answer to the question is the "Goose," and the concept is, if cared for well, the eggs will be laid more often, and will get larger as time goes on. If the goose's master takes all the eggs and ignores the goose it will become unhealthy and tired and it is fair to assume the eggs will get smaller and fewer eggs will be laid.

The value of Income-Producing Real Estate is linked to the amount of money the property generates. Therefore being aware of the constant changes in the economic and social climates in a market on a Micro Level (Local) as well as a Macro Level (National, or Global) will point in the directions that a property's use and design will need to migrate. Failure to care for and change a property as the markets change will lead to less income and, in turn, less value.

Good Asset Management requires good Property Management which means being in constant contact with the rental markets and adjusting the rents to achieve the highest and most consistent cash flow for the asset. Good Property Management and good Asset Management are intertwined, in a relationship of property maintenance and remodel to maintain the cash flow.

Property Management is the process of solving the day-to-day problems with the property. These include the physical elements, tenanting and legal aspect of the asset. The David Deutscher Company has been in business since 1980 and has extensive experience in managing, building, and developing many types of real estate. The property types include retail buildings, offices buildings, industrial, multi-family, and single-family subdivisions. This all sounds really big but we pride ourselves as being hands-on in each of the properties and dealing with them as if they are our own property.

We are particular about the property we will work on and will only take on properties that we feel we can be an added value to all the parties involved.

All the experiences of the past show that we are not an expense, but rather an asset to the owner by increasing the income, reducing the expenses and improving the asset value for the client.

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